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Extra Note: Most of our clothing cater for sizes between S and L. As with most vintage looks, oversizing is the norm and outfit is completed with a wide cinched belt or a thin weaved one. :)

About Us

Upstairs Closet is an accidental first-born of two friends who love art and craft, who enjoy endless hours roaming art hangouts and flea markets, in search for surprises and good buys. This pair of friends started collecting vintage dresses from everywhere, especially from upstairs, somewhere.
These clothing, apart from begin worn by the models on this website, had only graced mannequins in foreign lands before bobbling their way on to our shores. What started as a dress-up playdate for these two friends one Saturday afternoon bloomed into this online store as they fell madly in love with the beautiful fabric, the quirky buttons, the romantic prints, the feminine pleats, the fine laces, the vibrant colours, the soft hues, and understated classic look that each piece carries.

We hope we can surprise you with a good bargain and you can find what a stylish girl wants--right here in our Upstairs Closet.